5 Of The Best Discreet E-Cigarettes

One of the things that all e-cig users will try to find at least once in their vaping journey is an e-cigarette that is not ply powerful and small, but also discreet. I’ve mentioned a few times that people can and will get funny with you when you use your new toy in public, but the fact of the matter is this – the sooner you learn to be and act discreet and subtle with it, the easier it will end up being.

Trust me – I’ve been there!

There are a few e-cigarettes that have proven themselves to be more discreet than others so if you’re looking for something that will give you the nicotine hit you need while not upsetting others around you, these are the five you should take a look at:

5 – Vapor Couture

All available at Vapor Couture

All available at Vapor Couture

This is a slimline e-cigarette that has clearly been designed for women but as a red-blooded male, I actually found a purpose for this e-cig. It’s thin enough to hide pretty much anywhere you need to, but at the same time, when you inhale, it does give you a pretty impressive throat hit. Add to the mix a decent (ish) range of flavors and a relatively little amount of vapor, I’ve found that you can get away with using this particular brand in all manner of places that I wouldn’t have been able to use others with more vapor.

I’ve even used this e-cig in the office when we had a temp boss and he hated me using my ecig at my desk. And I got away with it!

One thing I will say is that Vapor Couture is very much a luxury brand so you must expect to pay luxury prices. That’s why they are bottom of the list and not at the top!

4 – Blu Cigs

This is another great brand for subtlety because it doesn’t give off the hugest amount of throat hit but still gets the job done. You get the nicotine hit and there’s enough puff in the exhale for it to make a difference but again, you won’t be drawing attention to yourself. Brands like VaporFi are great for power and reliability, but they do have a habit of creating vast plumes of vapor – something you just can’t get away with in public these days.

Blu Cigs have the handy charging case to make things even easier – I used to get into trouble for plugging my ecig into my USB charger at work. I don’t need to do that with this ecig – I just plug it into the case and leave it alone to work its magic. Almost as if by magic! 😉

3 – South Beach Smoke

Their smaller two-piece designs are very discreet and again, get the job done without the need for lots of smoke trailing behind you. Even the larger tanks are discreet enough that I’ve managed to get away with smoking it in front of the temp boss without him realizing! The Curve is the best one to go for, but just remember there are the variable voltage options to help with this subtly dilemma too.

2 – V2 Cigs

With the Ex Series, you get the greatness of a tank but with the size of a two-piece, so essentially, you have the best of both worlds. The size definitely comes in handy – I do love the tanks but sometimes I curse how bulky they are. They aren’t the kind of thing you can get away with in tight jeans or smart suit trousers, that’s for sure.

The V2 Cigs Ex Series are a great compromise when you want power and tank-capacity without having ti compromise on size or price! It’s like a happy compromise!

1 – Green Smoke

Although these look very much like a regular cigarette, the green-glowing tip really helps to give the game away – this is NOT a real cigarette and you are NOT doing anything wrong. Plus they give you these handy little cards that you can hand out to people that give you grief, explaining what you are smoking. In fact, a lot of the brands do that now. You’ll be surprised at how handy it is. It would be a great idea of create “refer-a-friend” cards with these details on too… Imagine how much money you could be saving by getting all your friends and family onto them too!

Green Smoke offer small batteries that are just the right size to hide and again, there’s not an unnecessarily large amount of vapor puffing out of it either. Again, I have got away with smoking this ecig in many public places that I probably shouldn’t have done!

Sometimes the bigger, better, more powerful option isn’t always the best one, and you can deal with sacrificing in one area to ensure that the e-cig doesn’t draw any adverse attention to you!

Just saying!

By John Edwards