The Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes

Traditional vs e-cigaretteA lot of people have asked me over the years – if you are still smoking and addicted to nicotine, what’s the point in making the change from “real” cigarettes to electronic ones. The truth of it all is that I HAVE managed to quit smoking with the assistance of these electronic cigarettes and although I’m using them currently and have slipped back into the world of smoking again once or twice, I still class myself as a non-smoker, converted to these e-cigs.

I’ve already gone into great depth on how you can save a small fortune by changing to electronic cigarettes. There is a world where you wouldn’t have to pay quite so much for your bad habits and in this current economic crisis, pinching the pennies is hard but necessary.

SmokingOne of the biggest benefits that I found switching to electronic cigarettes is that I can get away with smoking it virtually anywhere. You will learn to use your head when using it in public – they still look like cigarettes and it’s not uncommon for people to think that you are actually smoking in places that you shouldn’t be. Despite this, it’s much nicer to be sat on your couch smoking after dinner than it is shivering in the back yard because your missus hates the way smoking smells. It’s also better than getting wet in the pouring rain trying to chain-smoke your way through a half-hour lunch break from work.

Then, of course, there’s the smell that the missus hates so much. To be honest, she is right – I stank when I smoked. At home I couldn’t smell anything but after a while, I started to notice that I could smell cigarettes on my clothes at work. If I could smell it, surely other people would be able to smell it? Did I really smell that bad? Once you have quit smoking for a while, you’ll learn how awful this smell is… Trust me.

Smoking SmellWith electronic cigarettes, there is no smell. You aren’t burning anything which eliminates the risks of fire too. Imagine being a smoker without having to worry about the smell of it. Imagine the money you will save on air fresheners, car smellies, laundry stuff because you wash your clothes more because they stink…. See – these electronic gadgets look pretty enticing now, don’t they?

I must mention the important stuff here too… l apologize for getting all serious on you but there are some serious heath benefits to be had from making the switch to electronic cigarettes. I shall tell you my story – I gave up smoking and moved to electronic cigarettes. I started having more energy and although my sleeping patterns were screwed for a little while, I started to get into a routine of better sleep. I found myself getting frustrated with traffic on the way to work and realized I could walk it in half an hour. I’m not very punctual so I learned how to walk it in twenty minutes. I started eating better because my taste buds started to come back and my sense of smell improved. I no longer struggled walking up a flight of stairs. I even ran up the stairs at work a few times. I started to lose weight. Over the course of a year, I lost almost four stone in weight. Now tell me that electronic cigarettes don’t have any benefits!

You will reduce the risks of getting certain cancers by making the change, as well as things like heart problems and issues with your breathing. Your quality of life will improve and you won’t die young. Surely it’s worth the chance to see your grandkids grow up? Get married? Have babies of their own? Think about it… 🙂

By John Edwards