E-Cigarette Etiquette

E-cigarette EtiquetteAlthough you aren’t technically smoking a cigarette, some of the best electronic cigarettes out there still look like actual cigarettes. This means that there are going to be people out there that still think you are smoking a real cigarette and this means that you are going to need to be prepared to answer questions.

Even if you choose to make the switch to tank-style e-cigarettes like Vapor Zone that look absolutely nothing like real cigarettes at all, people are still going to ask what you a fee doing – what are you putting in your mouth and are you really smoking inside?

These questions will come up quite a bit, especially if you choose to be less than discreet about your new gaping hobby. If you sit on the train in fond to everyone and smoke a lifelike Eversmoke electronic cigarette, people around you are going to be very angry because they think you are smoking around them. Don’t forget – these e-cigarettes are still a relatively new concept and not everyone know’s what they are or how to appreciate them.

Try not to get too offended when people get mad at you for apparently smoking inside. Where possible, always explain that you are using an electronic cigarette and you aren’t really smoking. It might also be worth putting the e-cigarette away until a more appropriate time. Even with these electronic gadgets, you still need to learn the basics of e-cigarette etiquette.

The Rules of “Smoking”

Tank Style E-cigAs much as smoking e-cigarettes can make life easier for you because you are not stood outside in the rain trying to smoke a real cigarette, or worrying about smoking out the window so it doesn’t smoke in the house, you still need to be a bit discreet about things. If you are going to smoke in an indoor environment, try not to be too blasé about it. This definitely goes for alcohol induced scenarios – there will always be some idiot at the bar that wants to start a fight. Trust me; I’ve been there.

The less your e-cigarette looks like a real cigarette, the less likely people are to mistake it for a real cigarette. Green Smoke provides you with a battery that glows green at the end which can help to deflect any awkward situations. If it glows orange, it looks like a real cigarette.

It might even be worth opting for a different color – V2 Cigs, for example, offer some pretty unique looks and Vapor Couture is simply divine for all the women out there!

Thankfully celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio have raised the awareness of electronically smoking after recently seen smoking one of them at the Golden Globes. Even Katherine Heigl had a go which just goes to show how popular they are becoming. Despite the fact that they fare everywhere now, people still aren’t aware they exist so always exist caution when smoking your electronic cigarette.

Most starter kits come with a small card that states the cigarette isn’t real and it might be worth carrying it around with you until you learn to deal with the increased interest in your smoking habits. You’ll soon get used to it but at first, things might feel a little odd… especially smoking inside!

By John Edwards