How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes are a very clever way of quitting smoking if you manage to use them properly. Otherwise known by a few other things including e-cigs, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, vapor cigarettes…. (this could go on for some time), they are a way of escaping the habit of smoking “real” cigarettes; the conventional types.

We all know that smoking real cigarettes is very bad for your health and can be associated with many potential fatal medical conditions. Most of us that smoke wish we could quit but the nicotine contained with them means that we are addicted. This is what makes it so hard to quit.

When you make the change to an electronic cigarette or a smokeless cigarette, you are still getting the nicotine hit that you so crave, but you cut out a lot of harmful toxins that are often present in “real” cigarettes. Smokeless cigarettes, as the name would suggest, is a cigarette that doesn’t smoke – you don’t burn anything. Heat is created that burns a liquid into a vapor – this is what you inhale and then exhale. The exhale is like the smoke that you would breathe out when you smoke a convention cigarette, and when you inhale, a good smokeless cigarette should give you the same throat hit that you would get from smoking the smelly kind.

The liquid contained within the electronic cigarette contains a few ingredients – you’ll find flavors, nicotine in varying strengths, and propylene glycol (which is found in asthma inhalers), vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol. You can get the liquid in bottles, and also in pre-filled cartridges, and although there are claims in the media that they might not be as healthy as they should be, they definitely don’t come with the nasty toxins that you will find in conventional cigarettes.

As well as finding the usual nicotine flavors that you would expect to come in smokeless cigarettes, you will find a whole array of interesting ideas. You can get vanilla, coffee, fruits, menthol – you name it and you’ll probably find it. Some places even let you blend a number of flavors (and you can do this at home by yourself) to create even more interesting flavors still!

There are normally a few different parts to your electronic or smokeless cigarette. You’ll have the mouthpiece which is the part you would put in your mouth and inhale from. Usually this will look like the filter on a “real” cigarette but in the “tank” style e-cigs, it is a shaped mouthpiece. You’ll then have the battery unit which looks like the main body of a real cigarette – the part that is filled with tobacco. This battery unit is normally where the heating element is as well – this part is where the magic happens. Generally you’ll unscrew these and plug them in to your USB, car or wall charger. some smokeless cigarette companies even offer charging cases so you can boost your juice wherever you are.

E-cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes have already been appreciated by millions of people worldwide. You can first make the switch to electronic cigarettes and then, over time, reduce the amount of nicotine in your liquid or cartridges until you finally don’t need them anymore. Think of it as weaning yourself away from the conventional cigarettes rather than giving them up completely, and you have about the right idea!

By John Edwards