How Much Can I Save By Changing to ECigs?

money wastingRight, lets be honest about this. One of the biggest reasons you can give for quitting smoking is to save some money. It is an expensive hobby to have to be fair. It’s not just the cost of actual cigarettes you need to think about too. There’s all those bottles of air fresheners you use to try and cover up the smell in the house plus those smelly-things your wife makes you buy that plug into the wall and cost a fortune plus using up electricity.

What about the packets of laundry detergent your household seems to get through? All that extra electricity and water because you are washing your clothes more often. You stink. Your belongings and clothes stink. And even worse than this, your house stinks too if you smoke inside it.

Add to all of this the cost of all those mints you buy, plus bottles of perfume, car air fresheners, ash trays, lighters, matches…

Smoking is expensive.

The average person spends about $10 per day on cigarettes. Let’s say about $11 once you’ve bought a packet of smokes plus the cost of the lighter, laundry detergent costs, water and electricity costs, etc.

  • In seven days, just one week, you will have spent $77 on smoking. Maybe even more than that.
  • In four weeks, just one month, you will have spent $308 minimum.
  • In one year, you will have spent over $4,000 on smoking if you consider yourself to be a 20-a-day person. The exact number is $4,015. And that’s just the under-estimation.

Now you need to take a look at how much money e-cigarettes will cost you. Let’s look at the scenario over twelve months – one year. You might just be a tad surprised over the sort of monetary savings we are talking about here.

To Start With…

EversmokeLet’s take a pretty popular brand that many of my friends seemed to have great luck with. Eversmoke is not only have a dependable product, but it also doesn’t charge the earth. We haven’t all got money to burn, have we?

I went with the Eversmoke Pro Starter Kit which cost me $79.99. I got two batteries – one standard one extra-capacity, and I also got a whole bunch of chargers (not really important for right now) and 10 cartridges. Those cartridges lasted about eight days in total.

I then placed an order for extra cartridges – a 15 pack of cartridges is $39.99.

From then on, I decided to refill my own cartridges and save a bit of money. For the next five months or so, I carried on using Eversmoke and I bought about 8 or 9 30ml bottles of e-liquid during this time which would have set me back about $135. I also ordered around 3 more batteries, costing me a total of $49.99 for the 3-pack.

At that point, I decided to go with a tank style e-cigarette. I had been using the Eversmoke stuff for about six months but I found that the cartridges were starting to taste pretty bad and I was down to about three or four usable ones. I also found that the batteries were starting to lose their power at quite a dramatic rate so I decided to look for a personal vaporizer.

Vaporfi Pro ecigI went with the VaporFi Pro Starter Kit at this point and this cost me $49.99 for the battery and cartomiser. Over the next six months using this e-cigarettes, I bought two more batteries (these tanks tend to last a lot longer or so I have found) and probably about 10-12 30ml bottles of e-liquid. Let’s go with the higher end of the spectrum just to be safe and say I went with 12 bottles. This meant that I had spent $27.99 for the 1000mah battery and $29.99 for the (super-amazing) variable voltage battery, plus $180 or so on the e-liquids.

This meant that from start to finish – Eversmoke to VaporFi Pro, in total over the course of one year, I had spent the following on smoking my e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers:

  • $79.99 for the Eversmoke Starter Kit plus about $225 for the spare batteries, cartridges and e-liquid to last me about six months.
  • VaporFi cost me $49.99 plus about $240 for the e-liquids, spare batteries (which I’m still using now).

This means in total, smoking e-cigarettes for twelve whole months – one year, will set you back just a little under $600. What you need to remember here is that I went with premium brands that are more expensive than some of the other brands out there, and I bought more batteries, etc. that I needed to plus I’m still using them a year later.

  • In one year, smoking e-cigarettes cost about $600.
  • In one year, smoking regular cigarettes cost about $4,000+.

Now do you understand the savings we’re talking about here?

By John Edwards