E-Cigarette Nicotine: Picking the Right Strength!

Your journey with electronic cigarettes will be much easier once you have found the best cartridge or e-liquid level for you. Oh, and the best flavor. These things are important features of your e-cig journey and if you get this bit wrong, life is not going to be good for you.

It took me a few attempts to get the right product for me, and this includes finding the right nicotine level. The highest strength available on one e-cigarette website won’t be the same as the highest strength on another e-cigarette website. They will be similar but one thing I have found is that it will vary from site to site. Also, what works well for me won’t always be the same thing that works for you. It’s a trial and error situation but hopefully my experience will be able to help you!

There are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you click on the strength of e-cigarette cartridge or e-liquid. Let’s look at it a bit closer…

What kind of smoker are you?

Are you a heavy smoker or a light smoker? Do you even know the difference between the two? A heavy smoker will be one that smokes more than two and a half packets of day. Someone with a 50/60-a-day habit, for example. If you’re an “above averagesmoker, you are probably making your way through two packets – a 40-a-day habit. The “average” smoker (this is what I consider myself to be) will normally puff their way through one to two packets per day. You’re probably looking at around 20 cigarettes on a daily basis. That’s where I was at by the time I first attempted to kick the habit.

If you’re a “light” smoker, you are probably smoking just under a packet of cigarettes a day. A “very light smoker– that’s less than half a packet daily. Finally, you’ve got the “ultra light smokers that only really socially smoke; you’re looking at less than one packet of smokes per week.

Now you know what kind of smoker you are, choosing the right nicotine level in your e-liquid or cartridges will be a lot easier… Trust me!

So what nicotine level do you need?

We’ll try to make things as simple as we can for you. Now that you have figured out what kind of smoker you are, you can make an educated decision about what kind of nicotine strength you should get.

**I should probably mention that I’m not including those people that have bought an electronic cigarette purposely to quit smoking. This is something we will go into in greater detail later on.

  • Heavy smokers – go for the maximum strength you can find on the website. This will usually be called something like Double Extra Strength (in the case of White Cloud) with a nicotine strength of 5.4%.
  • Above average smokers – see the next strength down? That’s the one that you should be getting at. You’ll probably see a pattern emerging soon 😉 In the case of White Cloud, this is called Extra Strength (3.6%).
  • Average smokers – check out the Full Strength (from White Cloud) which is 2.4%
  • Light smokers – you’ll want Light Strength (I’ll save time and tell you that these are all based on White Cloud’s e-cigarette brands. I will compare shortly) which is 1.6%
  • Very light smokers – 0.8%, otherwise known as Ultra Light Strength
  • Ultra light – you’re probably not even bothered about the nicotine so you may as well go for the nicotine-free stuff. Try it – you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it can be!

The Comparison

Now, as I’ve already mentioned, different sites will have very different ideas of what constitutes high strength e-liquid or cartridges. I’ve chosen to specify the White Cloud variations for the purposes of this informational post, mostly because they offer one of the greatest array’s of strengths that I’ve seen on my journey through the e-cigarette world. If we compare these SIX strengths with White Cloud to what Eversmoke offers, you’ll soon see what we mean.

Eversmoke is the brand that we found the most impressive when it comes to e-smoking, but they only offer FIVE variations of nicotine strength. In their list you will find Bold, Full Flavoured, Light, Ultra Light and No Nicotine.

Eversmoke don’t list their nicotine strengths in percentages like White Cloud. Instead, they list them as a nicotine strength. These ones are Bold – 24mg, Full Flavoured – 18mg, Light – 12mg, Ultra Light – 6mg and No Nicotine which is obviously 0mg.

There is a simple way of looking at things here – whether you like them in percentages or in mg, they amount to the same thing. 24mg = 2.4%. Do you see what we mean here?

Comparing Eversmoke with White Cloud will clearly show you the differences in the way the e-cigarette companies work when it comes to strengths. The highest strength that Eversmoke offers is 24mg or 2.4%. The highest strength that White Cloud offers is 5.4% which amounts to 54mg.

If you’re looking for super high level, White Cloud is your winner here.

I hope this has helped you in your quest to find the right nicotine level for your electronic cigarette. It’s a complicated world out there – maybe I can make it simpler?

By John Edwards