Top Tips for Keeping your E-Cig Alive

Electronic CigaretteWhen you get your e-cigarette, you are going to want to keep it in tip top condition. Ideally you are going to be needing to use this for at least six months to a year (unless you go back to smoking conventional cigarettes again) so there is going to need to be some maintenance and upkeep to keep things ticking along nicely.

If you are planning on refilling your cartridges, you are going to need to keep them well maintained so they don’t burn out too early. In fact, this is what I shall start with.

  1. After repeated usage, the e-cigarette cartridges can get hot and this will contribute to them burning out. If you have noticed that your battery OR your cartridges are getting warm as you are using them, you are using them too much. Either put it down for a little while or move on to a different cartridge or battery to let them cool down. Think of it this way – 15-20 puffs on your cartridge is probably the same as one regular cigarette. I’m just as guilty of chain-puffing on my e-cigarette but this is something that will slow down a bit after a while.
  2. If you can taste burning from your cartridges, it’s probably wise to stop. If it continues after it has been left along for a while and refilled if necessary, you may have burnt out the cartridges and it’s time to buy new ones. You might just find that the cartridge needs to be refilled.
  3. If you can buy a case, get a case. I have broken many e-cigarettes in my pocket, car, bed, etc. I am always falling asleep with it in my hand or drop it underneath me as I’m driving. If you can keep things stored in a case, you will avoid breaking it all as best as you can. It might seem frivolous, as it was to me at first, but you’ll soon learn why it is important.
  4. Remember that all batteries will lose power the more you charge them. I’ve not managed to make a battery last for longer than about a year. At the same time, if you’re going through batteries every couple of weeks, you’re either picking a really bad brand (read my reviews to find the best e-cigarettes), or you’re smoking it incorrectly.
  5. If the battery is flashing even though it is fully charged, you’re inhaling on it for too long. Most e-cigarettes have a battery-saving function where it will cut power and flash to warn you if it’s been used (inhaled) for more than three seconds at a time. You probably don’t need to inhale on it for quite that long… try to slow things down a little otherwise you are going to go through your batteries like they are going out of fashion.
  6. Try not to overfill your cartridge. You’ll need about 15 – 20 drops of liquid to fill a cartridge and some don’t even need quite that much. If you overfull, you run the risk of frying your battery as well as burning out and flooding your cartridges. On top of this, you’ll probably find that the liquid will go in your mouth and trust me; that doesn’t taste good.


So there you have them – the top six tips to keep your e-cigarettes alive for as long as possible. Some of these components are expensive and you are going to want to keep them working for as long as possible before you replace them. I’ve managed to make at least one of the starter kits going for a year or so… If I can do it (and I’m pretty clumsy), I’m sure you can do it too!

By John Edwards