E-Cig Buying: What to Consider

There are more than a few things that you will need to take into account when it comes to quitting smoking with the assistance of an electronic cigarette. They are simple to use and they will help you to make the jump from real cigarettes to these electronic counterparts, but only if you buy the right kit for you in the first place.

There are a few different models out there that you can make your choice from. If you want something that gives you great battery power and you aren’t really all that bothered about what it looks like, you could go for something like the VaporZone cigarette. This brand had some serious juice in the battery and the large and bulky e-cig “tank” style gave us a very enjoyable smoking experience!

If you would rather have something a little bit more convenient to use, you are going to want to go for something like EverSmoke – this is an electronic cigarette that actually looks like a real cigarette. The thing that you will need to bear in mind with this type of e-cig is that people will very often mistake it for a real cigarette and may even ask for you to leave the premises. This is something that you will need to be very aware of when using your realistic looking electronic cigarette in public. Of course you will get some odder looks getting a tank like one, but at least people won’t think you are ACTUALLY smoking!

Battery life is very important with an e-cig and we cannot stress the importance of this fact. There is no point in going for something that doesn’t give you enough juice. The EverSmoke battery seems to go on and on for us which meant that we only need two batteries to get us through. This meant that we could get a smaller starter kit and therefore save some money right from the word go. V2 Cigs also offer e-digs with impressive battery life and we would highly recommend giving these guys a go.

Talking of battery life, we feel that you should also be aware that there are two very different kinds of battery that you can get – manual and automatic. The manual ones require the need to depress a button whenever you want to inhale on your e-cig whereas the automatic one does all the hard work for you, triggered when you begin to take a drag on the filter end. The manual ones have been shown to last longer because there is less battery wastage but even still, our team is divided over which one they prefer. As we’ve mentioned before – this is very much a personal preference thing.

You are going to want to go for a starter kit and e-cigarette brand that offers a number of ways to charge the device itself. If you regularly travel in a car, a car charger will be your life saver. USB chargers are good if you always have a laptop or computer at your disposal and if this is the case, you may even want to consider getting a USB e-cigarette which can be used at all times as long as it is plugged in – it doesn’t require any extra charging. You literally plug it in and inhale away.

The inhaling of the e-cigarette is important. You need to get that throat hit that you would normally associate with smoking a cigarette and if you don’t get this, you are likely to quit the e-cigs and go back to smoking the real ones. You don’t want this, right? Again, V2 Cigs and EverSmoke are at the top of the game when it comes to things like throat hit, the amount of vapour that you can exhale and how enjoyable and smooth the smoking action itself is. Brands like Njoy didn’t offer the greatest of smoking experiences.

Price is another thing that is probably going to feature very highly in your list of requirements of electronic cigarettes. You are going to want a kit that not only offers you good value for money, but also guarantees you a great service. We have mentioned EverSmoke a few times already here but we are going to mention them again – not only do they offer you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product, but their prices are very competitive. We have already mentioned that the battery life of the e-cig is great so you can get away with kick-starting everything on a starter kit that costs you less than $80.

Warranty – this is vital if the batteries of the specific company that you are looking at prove to be expensive. Some companies have a funny idea of what a “Lifetime Warranty” actually is so make sure that you always read the terms and conditions. With certain brands, you will find that refilling the cartridges yourself will void the warranty and we would imagine, if you are looking to save money, that refilling yourself is the most price-appropriate option.

Buying an electronic cigarette doesn’t have to be hard work if you have all the information upfront so we hope that you find this helpful. Remember you can always let us know if you have any questions! That’s what we are here for after all!

By John Edwards