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Three things we loved about Green Smoke - a lifetime warranty, free shipping AND a 30 day money back guarantee. They even sponsored the 2011 Emmy Awards Style Lounge. With style and big promises, are Green Smoke really as good as they all say? Seen on Fox News, Nascar and the Today Show, I decided it was time for the Green Smoke review!


“Feel great about what you smoke

It’s a pretty impressive tagline isn’t it? And a bit of an oxymoron to boot too. How can smoking feel great? Smoking is bad for you – it isn’t meant to feel great. Well aside from the impressive nicotine rush of course, but that’s a different kind of feel good entirely 😉

There’s been a whopping 41 million Green Smoke products sold according to the website, and with backing from names we’ve already mentioned plus The Boston Globe, NBC and more, I was pretty excited to give this e-cigarette a shot!

Starter Kits

I went with the Pro Kit which cost $59.90. This particular kit gives you 10 cartridges, 3 automatic batteries plus a USB e-cig, a hard carry case, USB charger, car adapter and wall adapter.

The kit used to cost almost twice as much a while ago, but they’ve gladly come down with the prices and now it is even cheaper than our EverSmoke’s similar kit. Gladly the price reduction didn’t affect the quality at all.

There are other kits available of course:

Express Kit

With two batteries (small and big), 5 cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter, and a carrying case get basically everything you need to get started. It’s great that they offer 2 batteries in this low priced kit, as you really need the extra one when one is charging. Don’t know why they called it Express kit, other companies are offering the same with their Standard kits.

This kit will set you back $39.90.

Essentials Kit

This one is the smallest kit of them all and will set you back just $9.99. You’ll get 2 cartridges, one battery and one USB charger. It’s barely even worth it! It’s not a bad idea for a top-up though!

*You can choose the flavors and strengths of your cartridges plus batteries but they usually provide you with the most popular options if you don’t specify.

Bonus Code

Use the code ecig15 when checking out to get a 15% discount for all your purchases.


As well as the pretty impressive array of starter kits that Green Smoke offer, they also offer more than a couple of options when it comes to their batteries and let’s face it; we all love options.

Your average run-of-the-mill battery will set you back a little shy of $20 and is offered in long and short varieties. Short ones resemble “normal” cigarettes while the longer ones offer the “superking” lovers something to sink their lips into. In black, white and pink, you can get green or red glowing ends.

You can get a three pack of batteries if you are looking for something to get you through long term and there are even statement batteries you can get in different colors and designs, adding a little something new to the mix. It would seem that Green Smoke are keeping up with the times and I won’t lie; I love that about them!

They’ve recently added a little something new. There’s the sleek, black, shiny “Nashville” battery that comes in long style only, plus Cooperstown, El Paso, New Orleans, Chicago, Charlestown, Seattle, Manhattan and Springfield. There literally is something for everyone and all bar the Nashville batteries come in both long and short lengths.

The long batteries (4.6inches long) all do an “average” working day – up at 7am, work from 9am-5:30pm with stolen puffs and chain-puffing at lunchtime, home at 6:30pm, chain puffing until bed at 11pm, go to bed, wake up, repeat. The short batteries (4.0inches long) will do about 6-8 hours of intermittent puffing.

If you want the battery that most resembles a “real” cigarette, you’ll want to go for the shorter option.

Flavors & Cartridges

Green Smoke offer something called FlavorMax cartridges which offer the same sort of thing as the Eversmoke VaporFlo technology. There’s the silicone ring that slips inside the cartridge before the lid goes on that you come to expect from your e-cigarette. There are rubber stoppers on BOTH ends of the cartridge meaning that everything is well sealed and the flavor is and lasts all that it should. They are then in foil packs. It’s all a bit luxurious really. At times I thought the brand could have gotten away with being more expensive than it was. Not that we want to pay anymore, right?

There are nine flavors that you can get your hands on and if you can’t make your mind up, you could go for the 5-Flavor Variety Pack which gives you 5 different choices in a 1.8% strength only.

The flavors you can enjoy are:

  • Classic (included in variety pack)
  • Southern Gold
  • Menthol Ice (included in variety pack)
  • Mocha Mist (included in variety pack)
  • Signature Red (included in variety pack)

You can also make use of the five nicotine levels on offer:

  • Zero nicotine
  • Ultra light – 6% (for those that smoke ultra-light cigarettes)
  • Light – 1.2% (for those that smoke light cigarettes)
  • Full – 1.8% (for those that smoke “normal” cigarettes)
  • Strong – 2.4% (for those that smoke strong cigarettes)

The throat hit that you get from these cartridges is perfect. From the first drag to the last, the throat hit is strong enough to make you think you’re actually smoking, and the vapor looks like what would come from an actual cigarette. When you combine this with a flavors that were strong enough to satisfy my taste buds, you are definitely on to a winner. I found myself going through one to two cartridges per day (one normally) and the flavors actually lasted the duration of the cartridge which made a pleasant change from the norm.


Alongside the batteries in the “Extras” section of the Green Smoke website, you will find a few accessories. Not too many, not too much; just right! You can buy chargers too – a 3-charger special will cost you $33.09, a car adapter is $18.49, and you can also get high powered and normal wall adapters.

I’m not a fan of the e-cigarette companies that offer everything from skinny tee’s to lanyards emblazoned with crystals and everything else in between. That might be your thing but to be honest, I find them frivolous and unnecessary. Green Smoke are simple and to the point – my kind of website with my kind of accessories.


The warranty is something I have a lot of problems understanding in the world of e-cigarettes and I find the complicated terms and conditions of many of them too confusing to even try and figure out most of the time.

The Green Smoke warranty was a bit complicated and I personally feel as if it should be simpler. If you have had your e-cig battery for less than a year, if you send it back to them, they will send you a replacement. This is a pain as you will be a battery down for at least three weeks while it’s all being sorted so you’ll still need to buy a replacement battery if you haven’t already been smart enough to have invested. After that initial one year period is up, you can still get your hands on a replacement battery if yours stops working but as long as you have ordered cartridges in 90 days or less before the time of your claim.

To be fair, this is one of the best warranties that I’ve come across and it is technically still a LIFETIME warranty. Technically…

Added Extras

Green Smoke offer lots to any potential customers of theirs and this is ones of the things that I love about them. They have the Subscribe & Save scheme going on where you can sign up to a home delivery program of Green Smoke cartridges on a monthly basis to ensure that you never run out. You’ll save between 15 and 25% on your orders too which is a bonus!

There is also the referral scheme which I’ve found a few of the bigger names in the e-cig world have started doing. When you refer people to them, they save money and you’ll save money too.

The loyalty program is pretty cool – you’ll earn a “Green Smoke” point for every $10 you spend with them and after so many points, you can get free stuff. 150 Green Smoke points will get you a Pro Kit!

I could be here for hours talking about Green Smoke. They have a recycling program, a trade-in program, an informational blog…. They go above and beyond for their customers and it was really hard for me to knock them down off the top spot of the best e-cigarettes reviews!


I love Green Smoke and they really deserve the top spot in our rankings. The product is really easy to use and this is a brand that you can rely on. I’ve not had a battery break before the six month mark (apart from the one I dropped in my cup of tea) and everything about it screams luxury. If you have the opportunity, give them a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Conclusion Rating
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Throat hit
5 stars
Shipping/Customer Service
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
By John Edwards

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