They are available in over eighty thousand stores nationwide which means that they are a company that you can rely on, right? Well, this might not technically be true. I was super excited to get my hands on the Njoy kit as I had read some pretty good reviews on the internet before I tried them. This was earlier on in the smoking journey and this was one of the first brands that first caught my eye.


If you click on the website you will see that everything seems a little out of date. The website is pretty boring and not in the slightest bit fun like South Beach Website or V2 Cigs. With over three million of them sold though, I decided that it was only sensible that I gave them a shot. First opinions aren’t always right as they say.

Starter Kits

Right from the start you can tell that this is an e-cigarette best designed for those looking for disposables. They certainly seem to promote these (in stores as well as online) more than the rechargeable varieties. They offer just the one starter kit which isn’t all that impressive, and when you start to add things on to the kit to make it up to a reasonable looking way to get started, things start to get rather expensive.

The rechargeable “express” kits, or rather kit, will set you back $21.99 but only includes one standard sized battery, 1 refill cartridge, 1 USB charger and a user guide. What’s the point in that? Everyone should know by now that you need to have at least two batteries to get started with – one charging while you are smoking the other. Very few brands make a battery that will last you all day so don’t eve have the option to use one during the day while the other is charging at night. It’s safe to say that you’ll probably need three batteries.

Add to that the fact that one cartridge will only see you through one day (and for the sake of Njoy, not even that long), and you have yourself a pretty poor excuse for a starter kit.

The most basic starter kit that Eversmoke offers is the Basic Starter Kit priced at $49.99. You will get two batteries and one of these will be extra capacity, plus you have the option to choose whether it is manual or automatic, plus 5 cartridges, a USB charger, a wall charger and the owners manual. If you were going to make this up yourself with Njoy, you’d first have the $21.99 excuse for a starter kit plus $21.99 for an extra 5 cartridges, $14.99 x 2 for the batteries and $15.99 for the universal charger. See what we mean by expensive – that homemade starter kit will cost you just shy of $90 (the same thing with SmokeTip). That’s hardly reasonable Njoy!


Focusing for a moment of the battery side of things with the Njoy e-cigarette and once again, I am sorely disappointed by what I find. There is one battery available on the website – one battery with one length, one color and one design. Boo Njoy, that’s not cool!

The battery itself is about 35% smaller than other batteries which meant that it might have charged quicker but it certainly didn’t last me anywhere near as long. With most smaller or standard-sized batteries, I can make it through a day at work (almost). The Njoy battery only lasted me for around two hours which meant that I needed a very bare minimum of three to make it through the day unless I wanted to buy multiple chargers.

It wasn’t a great start to be fair.

When we were using the battery from Njoy, it was a fairly impressive battery and it provided the same amount of vapour and throat hit from the first puff to the last. The bad thing about this was that it didn’t last for very long. The website states that it will last one to three days, depending on what kind of smoker you are, but I personally found that it only really lasted me a couple of hours. False advertising on the website right there and a very under-par product. I wasn’t impressed.

Flavors & Cartridges

Back int he day when I started using e-cigarettes, Njoy provided you with five different flavors for your e-cigarette smoking pleasure. Now it would seem that they only offer two which, when you compare it to other e-cigarette brands such as Green Smoke, is a complete joke. Just menthol and tobacco flavors are listed on the website. I guess if you are looking for something traditional, this is what you want.

Njoy do slightly redeem themselves by offer four different strengths of nicotine cartridges:

  • 0%
  • 0.6%
  • 1.2%
  • 1.8%

To find out more about what these numbers mean, why not check out the information article that I posted about choosing nicotine strength?

As we have already mentioned, a five-pack of Njoy cartridges will set you back around $22. We found this to be at the higher end of the spectrum once again. It would seem that Njoy are expensive all round! Each cartridge amounts to $4.40 each. Still half the amount of a packet of cigarettes but when you compare these prices to Eversmoke that offer a pack of 15 cartridges for $39.99, you’ll only be paying $2.70 per cartridge. See what I mean by expensive?

On top of the cost of the Njoy cigarettes, you’ll also find that they have a nasty habit of leaking the liquid into your mouth as you are using it. Once you’ve been using e-cigarettes for a while, you’ll learn all about that taste. It does happen sometimes such as when you are accidentally overfilled with liquid,  but when a cartridge provided by the company leaks, it’s not a good sign. It didn’t lead to a pleasant smoking experience.


The warranty is important with an electronic cigarette and the best e-cigarettes for you are going to be the ones that have the right warranty. With some companies, a “lifetime warranty” is offered, followed by terms and conditions that state you can only have so many refills, or it is only valid for so many months or years. With Njoy, the good news is that they are upfront about the warranty. You’ll get a year – no more, no less. HOWEVER in order to make use of that one-year warranty, you must have bought the Njoy e-cigarette from a registered seller and you must return the battery to them for a replacement to then be sent out.

In reality, the warranty sounds good but in practice, it just doesn’t work. Let’s say that you are using three e-cigarette batteries from – you are smoking one, the other one is on charge, and the third one has recently been recharged ready for the one you are currently using to run out of juice. When you need to send a battery back to be replaced, you are going to be left without an e-cigarette and this means that you are more likely to go back to smoking conventional cigarettes. In reality, you’ll need to buy a new battery to send the faulty one back only then to have the replacement one sent out, as long as you meet the T’s & C’s of the warranty policy.

So long and complicated, right?

Added Extras

There are a few other things that you should know about Njoy that almost wins them back some of the points that they lost.

Referral Scheme

This is always handy, especially if you know a few people that are looking to give up smoking with you. When you refer a friend to Njoy, not only will you get 10% off the price of your next order, they will get the same 10% discount too. There are other e-cigarette companies that offer a better referral system and to be fair, the product wasn’t good enough to recommend to our friends and family when we put it up against brands such as Eversmoke and Vapor Zone, but it’s a scheme you could probably make use of if you wanted to.

Recycling Scheme

This is a good idea when you think about it – when you run out of e-liquid in the cartridge, unless you are refilling them yourself, there’s a good chance that you are just going to trash-can it. If you save 8 DISPOSABLE Njoy e-cigarettes (rechargeable’s don’t count, sadly) you can send them back to get one free one. This means that you will need to have spent about $80 in order to get a measly $10 but it’s better than nothing.

If only they offered something for the Njoy cartridges in the form of a recycling scheme too…


Speaking of disposables, we should probably tell you about them. Njoy is clearly a brand that is designed for those looking to use disposables as their rechargeable varieties don’t quite live up to the expectations that we had set for them.

At the moment, you can try an Njoy cartridge for free by signing up on the website and filling in the details. With the coupon code that they provide you with on the website, you’ll just need to pay the postage and packaging.

If you want to buy them, you’ll be looking at $27 for a 3 pack, $30 for a 5 pack and $120 for  a 20 pack. The 10 pack will set you back $60.

In Conclusion

I didn’t get a lot of throat hit but the vapor wasn’t bad. Sadly, I can’t class Njoy as the best e-cigarettes for a number of reasons. The product didn’t feel good in my hands. The packaging was pretty shoddy and all in all, I found the whole thing too expensive for me. They are clearly designed for the disposable side of the market but even still, I found these to be more expensive than what I had managed to find elsewhere.

The batteries won’t last you long if you are looking for the rechargeable options, and although the taste of the cartridges wasn’t bad, there were only two varieties to choose from. I’m a regular smoker of tobacco flavours anyway but Pete likes to experiment and he wasn’t a happy bunny. Refilling the cartridges will void your warranty too so you will need to work out what is more important to you.

Once upon a time, Njoy lead the way for the e-cigarette industry but now appear to be outdated and old-fashioned. Perhaps it’s time for Njoy to start reevaluating what is going on with their product…

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4 stars
Throat hit
2 stars
2 stars
2 stars
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2 stars
By John Edwards

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  • Maria Piciulo says:
    1 stars

    My husband bought me an Njoy disposable menthol bold, I thought it was great at first than not even an hour into using it, the ecig started blinking, ten times to be exact, and it was burnt out. What a waste of money and a huge disappointment. These things are everywhere in our gas stations in NY. I researched Njoy and if it blinks ten times the ecig is done. 8 bucks for 45 minutes of what, a huge let down. Scam!

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