You’ll soon see that I didn’t think much of this e-cigarette company and it’s certainly not one I would have classed as the best that’s for sure. With shoddy products and not enough options for the average smoker, there wasn’t enough bang for my buck.


Starting with the website and I can already say that I wasn’t impressed. Everything is just a little out of date for my liking… It is almost as if I went back in time to the early 90’s when that sort of website would have been acceptable. It’s probably for the best if we skip right past the out of date website to the starter kits…

Starter Kits

The tagline on the top of the website states “Cheap Electronic Cigarette” but to be honest, this brand is hardly on the cheap side of the scale when compared to other e-cigarette companies that I have tried and tested. Even the starter kits were a bit on the crappy side. In fact, not a bit… a lot!

There is only ONE e-cigarette starter kit available from SmokeTip and that will set you back $59.95.

They currently have a buy one get one free offer on their starter kit which they didn’t have when I mad my order. To be fair, I’m pretty annoyed by this. For your $60 you won’t get much…

2 batteries, 5 cartridges, USB charger, wall charger and “gift box” packaging.

That’s it? That’s all I get? When you compare these prices to other brands, you can see you’re not getting enough out of it. Well, even Blu does better than this.


There’s only one battery available as far as the starter kits are concerned and if you want a spare, you’ll be paying $18.95. This is a lot when you again compare the prices to other brands. You can get your hands on the slightly longer and slightly more powerful 350mAH battery but this will be a bit extra – $24.95. That’s quite the jump – 180mAH to 350mAH. Is the price worth it though?

The 180mAH won’t last you long – a few hours. I was going through three or more batteries in a day which meant I found myself soon shelling out for extras. As you can imagine, things started to get expensive!

I had a big problem using the batteries from SmokeTip too – the air holes were too big which meant that I was getting a mouthful of air before I was getting a mouthful of nicotine-infused vapor. This meant that throat hit was minimal and the vapor produced simply wasn’t enough. I found myself smoking normal cigarettes after just a couple of days.


To be fair, SmokeTip offer a decent amount of flavors; 21 to be exact. The only problem with them was that there was barely any flavor at all! With flavors like watermelon, tobacco, apple, mint, banana, clove, coffee and peach, I was excited. However, I could barely taste them and when I did, it was only when I first started using the cartridges. It didn’t take long for the flavors to die and it certainly didn’t take long for the cartridges to run out of liquid. With only four strengths on offer and absolutely nothing in the way of e-liquids, things really aren’t looking good for SmokeTip, that’s for sure.


The only accessories available are the two batteries that I talk about above, plus a number of charger options. There’s the cleaning kit which seems a bit unnecessary at $7, and the lanyard which I didn’t use because I didn’t use the e-cigarette itself for long enough. Sadly, there’s a chance you won’t like the e-cigarettes so it’s probably not worth shelling out for the accessories.


Once again I find myself staring at complicated terms and conditions for a warranty that I probably won’t bother to use. There’s the upside of getting a FREE battery every time you order three 10-packs of cartridges but if you want a replacement battery sent out for a faulty product, you’ll need to place a cartridge order anyway. It’s hardly a warranty really is it SmokeTip?

When you want to get a replacement battery for a faulty one, you’ll need to call up their customer services guys and get an RMA to send it back and then receive a new one… Just think how long that will take? You’re probably better off just ordering the cartridges and getting the battery for free. It’ll probably work out quicker!


I am trying to find a way for SmokeTip to redeem themselves but honestly, I’m finding it rather difficult. The fact that you get free batters with cartridge orders wins them some brownie points, especially at the rate you will more than likely go through their batteries anyway. There’s free shipping and plenty of flavors to choose from too – you might not be as picky as I am when it comes to flavors…

In Conclusion

There wasn’t really much to shout about when it came to SmokeTip but despite this, they still have a pretty impressive following which seems to suggest mine could have been a one-iff although this seems unlikely. There are a few things such as the freebies you can get your hands on but all in all, I found things to be pretty poor for my liking. After bearing everything in mind, I’m going to give SmokeTip a pretty poor 2 stars out of 5!

Conclusion Rating
1 stars
1 stars
2 stars
2 stars
Throat hit
1 stars
Shipping/Customer Service
3 stars
3 stars
2 stars
By John Edwards

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