South Beach Smoke Curve


I’d already used the two-piece designs from South Beach Smoke and I actually really enjoyed them. I was excited to try one of the bigger personal vaporizers that the brand had to offer and I did so in the form of the South Beach Smoke Curve. After all, who doesn’t like curves?


A brand I was already pretty familiar with, I’d also liked South Beach Smoke for value for money as well as great flavors, and a really great, good-quality e-cigarette. I had automatically assumed that their bigger tanks would be just as impressive as their smaller siblings, and I wasn’t disappointed when I took on the website to see what sort of goodies they had on offer.

After much deliberating, I went for the Curve… Let’s find out what I thought:

South Beach Smoke Curve Starter Kit – $49.99

The good thing about the bigger tanks is that you don’t need an awful to get you started. Most come with a 650mah battery or more giving you more than enough power to see you through the average smokers day, and with bigger and better options also available, you can basically customize the perfect e-cig for you, which is essentially what South Beach Smoke are offering you the chance to do!

South Beach Smoke Curve

You get one tank with the atomizer, the battery (650mah as predicted), a USB and wall charger, plus a box with instructions. It’s not a bad little kit and it’s not a bad little price either. It’s a bit cheaper than the Halo Triton Tank, but to be fair, you do only get one battery. With Halo, you get two.


Standard 650mah batteries tend to last me the whole day. I get up around 7am ish, head for work to start at about 9am, have an hour’s lunch break, head home at 530pm, chain-puffing for most of the evening until bedtime at around 11/12pm apart from those really long nights that I battle with insomnia. At least I don’t have to go out on the front porch to smoke anymore!

The South Beach Smoke Curve battery lasted me from around 7am when I woke up and picked it up from a full charge, right through to about 6pm where it finally died on the way home. Luckily I had a handy Halo G6 in my glove box so I pulled that out and started using it until I got home and re-juiced the SBS Curve again.

It’s a pretty decent lasting battery to be fair, and I found that it gave a really good pull from the first drag right through the last. It’s pretty durable and the colors are a lot of fun, plus it’s really nice to hold in you hands – those curves really are a winner!

You’ve got a whole bunch of color options – red, black, purple, blue, green, orange, silver. Plus you can choose to mix and much the tank to the battery. Who said everything had to match anyway?

To get yourself a spare Curve battery, you’re looking at just under $28, and sadly, there is only the one 650mah size available…. Although there are other styles you go could for such as the Storm or the Thunder which offers a variable voltage battery!


Again, sticking with the theme or curves, the tank for the SBS Curve is a really nice shape, almost tapered to the shape of your hands and your mouth. Available in the mix-match of colors again, you can see right through them so you know how much liquid is left, and although plastic, do not feel cheaply made at all. In fact, the whole thing felt really good to touch.

South Beach Smoke Curve Tanks

Getting to the heart of the matter now and we come to the important bits – throat hit, vapor, etc.

Throat hit – This depends mostly on the liquid but I will say that South Beach Smoke do offer some of the nicest flavors. They also offer a decent smoke to them – there was plenty of throat hit on the high levels of nicotine. I felt it was enough for me anyway.

Vapor – There’s quite a decent amount of vapor coming from this e-cig so if you’re looking for something that won’t kick up a fuss in public, you’re best of looking somewhere else. It’s good because it feels as if you are really smoking but at the same time, people can and will assume that you are smoking an actual cigarette in a public place. You’ll need to learn the etiquette rules to go hand in hand with your new e-cig.

In Conclusion

In a world where looks are everything, the South Beach Smoke Curve is an electronic cigarette / personal vaporizer that really stands out. Not conforming to the usual styles and shapes, it has a mind of its own with a mould that feels as if it were created specifically for your hand. That’s what i’ve always really liked about SBS – they aren’t afraid to think outside the box. I think anyone looking for something that doesn’t just feel like a mechanical cigarette should consider this tank – it really is something else to look at.

This is a good quality e-cigarette that has proved itself to be scrabble and useful. It’s been banged up a few times and as yet there have been no leakages, breakages, or anything similar to that. It hasn’t ever tasted bad or like burning. I’ve never been surprised by a sudden outage of battery, and so far, touch wood, it seems to be lasting a fairly decent length of time before the battery and cartomizers need replacing too. I’ve been using the same one for at least two months now and as yet there has been no sign of either components being on the way out.

For a decent price, you’re getting a decent e-cigarette and although there are some out there that are cheaper, there aren’t many out there that can prove to be reliable. I ended up having loads of problems with VaporFi Pro although the Jet has faired somewhat better. And I had the misfortune of trying things like SmokeTip  and Njoy that really weren’t pleasant to use at all. SBS have always done what they promised to do – make a good quality, value for money, reliable e-cigarette that users can really depend on!

They certainly haven’t done a bad job here!

As a result, I’m going to declare this e-cigarette worthy of 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s not the best or longest lasting vaporizer I’ve come across, but it does the job well enough to be given a recommendation!

By John Edwards

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