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V2 Cigs has done what we want all e-cig company’s to do - they’ve listened to our complaints and made us an e-cig we can really depend on. That’s what I think anyway! This is most definitely one of the best smokeless cigarettes I’ve ever come across…. So far!


After learning of the new kits offered by V2 Cigs, I shot across to the website to have a closer look. I went with the new Ex Series V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit priced at $179.95. In my experience, I’ve always found that the bigger the kit you get at first, the cheaper things work out in the long run. By only having two e-cigarette batteries, for example, you are using them and charging them more often, which means they are going to breakdown quicker and you will need to replace them. By ordering three or four e-cigarette batteries in my first starter kit, they generally last me longer as I rotate around them.

There are other starter kits on the V2 Cigs website. You can find these too:

Starter Kits

  • V2 Ex Series Standard Kit $79.95

You’ll get your hands on 2 of the new Ex batteries, 10 of the new Ex cartridges, a wall adapter, a smart charger and the user’s manual.

As with all the starter kits on the V2 Cigs website, you can choose which flavor of cartridges you get in the kit and you can also pick your strength too. That’s one thing that always seems to work in the favor of V2 Cigs – they always give you variety!

  • V2 Ex Series Standard Plus Kit $119.95

You’ll get everything you get in the Standard Kit with a charging carry case thrown in for good measure here. These charging cases ARE handy for when you are out and about and can’t get to one of your regular charging spots, but in my experience they never work as well as they say they do. Even with the new one I seemed to have a few issues – this was the case for the old kits and the new kits.

  • V2 Ex Couples Kit $154.95

As you’ve probably guessed, you get a double kit here. In short, you get two of the Standard Kits, saving yourself about $6. It’s not the greatest of savings but it is something. One of my friends actually bought himself the Couples Kit just so he had double of everything and it would work out cheaper in the long run. It’s not a bad ploy!

  • V2 Ex Ultimate Kit $179.95

You get three batteries here, 25 cartridges (both the new Ex design), a wall charger, smart charger, car charger, charging carry case, USB ‘power’cig, metal finish carry case (not charging), the lanyard and of course, the obligatory owner’s manual.

As I’ve mentioned, with all of the starter kits you can pick the strength and flavor of your liquid or cartridges, and you can also pick your battery…


The batteries are pretty impressive to look at because you can get them in five finishes. Carbon Fiber, Brushed Steel, Scarlett Metallic, Royale, and Bloom…There is one for everyone here pretty much.

It would seem from the website that you can only pick automatic, one-size version of the batteries but as they are said to be better than the original ones in the V2 standard e-cigarettes, you can expect them to do a better job.

Thankfully, they did not let me down. They have given the plastic tip a miss at the end of the battery and replaced it with a beautiful finish. There are also some very smart indicator lights running down the bottom of the battery showing you how much charge is left. This is a fantastic idea as it means you won’t ever be left short. If you can see that your battery is running out, you can know to get another one handy. It will also give you an initiation of how long is left when you charge it up as well.

That’s just good smarts!


The New V2 Cigs Ex Series cartridges have been given a bit of a face lift and they’ve thankfully gotten rid of that old, dated ‘filter’look at so many e-cig creators turn to as the base coloring for their designs. The new white cartridges sure do look the part, and you can even get a matching ‘slip’to over the cartridge to make it match the battery you’ve gone for too! They’ve thought of everything, haven’t they?

There’s a small plastic screen in the side of the cartridges to show you how much liquid is left within them. This means that you can avoid that burning taste in your mouth that makes you gag when the cartridge has run out and you take that last puff. It’s a foul taste, trust me!

The cartridges are now air proof which means that you avoid the risk of leaking cartridges, but you can still get the top off if you want to refill your own cartridges…

Not that there’s any need because you can get ‘tank’cartridges now!!!

This made me the happiest person in the world when I saw these new ‘tank’style e-cigarettes in the same slim style as the old-fashioned designs. As much as I love the battery capacity and the many benefits that the tanks have to offer, they are too big in a lot of cases! Slimming this design down was just the next logical step…Well done to V2 Cigs for jumping on the bandwagon first!

You can get your cartridges in six flavors:

  • V2 Red
  • Sahara
  • Congress
  • Peppermint
  • Menthol

You can also get them in five different strengths:

  • 2.4%
  • 1.8%
  • 1.2%
  • 0.6%
  • 0%

One thing that I feel it is only fair to mention is that all new V2 Cigs Ex Series e-cigarettes are compatible with existing V2 Cigs batteries, cartridges and chargers. Maybe it’s time for you to take your V2 Cigs original kit and give it a little upgrade?

In Conclusion

I do appreciate that I’ve missed out things like the warranty and customer services for V2 Cigs but in reality, nothing has changed since my last V2 Cigs original review, so I’ll just refer you back to that! 😉

At the end of the day, V2 Cigs has done what we want all e-cigarette company’s to do – they have listened to customer feedback and made a great new model. They’ve created tank-style e-cigarettes in a much slimmer style. They’ve given you a screen on the side of the e-cig so you can see how much liquid is left. They’ve given you a battery indicator. They’ve given you better cartridges that last longer and smoker better.

What more could you possibly ask for?

I’d give them a MASSIVELY impressive 5 stars out of 5!

By John Edwards

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