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As soon as you click on the White Cloud website, you know you are dealing with something a bit special here. It’s crisp, simple, easy to work around. The tagline “Perfectly Engineered. Affordably Priced” is something that will probably catch your eye right away.


There’s a 30-day money back guarantee that we always like to see too. With same day shipping and plenty of “stuff” to choose from, I decided to take a closer look at what White Cloud had to offer.

Starter Kits

I always look at the starter kits first – these will usually have everything you need in one simple, affordable box and with White Cloud, there is no exception. The only bad thing you can say about the array of products they have to offer is that there is too much of a good thing…. There could almost be too much choice here.

We’ll start at the bottom priced starter kit offered by White Cloud and work out way up.

Cirrus 2 Starter Kit

For *as little as* $39.95, you could get your hands on two classic batteries, five cartridges, a USB charger, an online user manual and six months warranty.

I’ll just butt in on myself to say that with all of the starter kits on the White Cloud website, you can pick the cartridge flavors AND strengths. I’ll get to those in just a moment.

You’ll get about 320 puffs from the standard sized White Cloud battery which will get you through a “normal” working day. Again, I’ll talk about battery life in a second.

With this starter kit, you can add an additional two year extended warranty for just shy of $20. We didn’t bother… Would you?

Cirrus 2 Plus Starter Kit

This White Cloud kit offers the same as the Cirrus 2 that we talk about above, plus a “squid” charger and a wall adapter. It’ll also cost you $20 more at $59.95. Once again, you can choose to add on the two year extended warranty for $19.95. The squid charger is around $30 by itself, and the wall adapter alone costs $20. To be fair, this is a great deal from White Cloud.

Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

I thought this White Cloud review might impress you – are you impressed by the amount of kits they have on offer yet? Don’t worry, there’s still a few more to go! 😉

This impressively sized e-cigarette starter kit gives you everything you need for the grand total of $69.95. Not only will you get three batteries, five cartridges, the wall adapter and squid charger alongside USB charger, but the batteries in question here are the Cirrus 3 varieties – it weighs less, is 1cm shorter, but only gives you 190 puffs per battery. You do have three batteries to play around with however…

Cirrus 3X Starter Kit

This impressive looking box kit will give you more than enough to help you make the transition from smoking conventional cigarettes, to the electronic counterparts. Just $89.95 and you’ll get your hands on 3 Cirrus 3X batteries, the charge bolt USB charger, AC & DC adapters, 5 cartridges, AND the extended two year warranty.

There’s one more that we should probably throw your way when it comes to the starter kits too:

Cirrus Variety Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

This complete package is perfect for beginners to the world of e-smoking. You’ll get three batteries – a C2, C3 and C3X battery giving you the best of all three worlds. Add to that five cartridges of your flavor and strength choice, a USB charger, wall adapter and additional extended warranty for $20, this $79.95 variety kit gives you the chance to try everything at once!

Which One Should I Go For?

I didn’t get what the C2, C3 and C3X stuff was all about at first and it was only when I went digging for a bit more information that I found out what the differences were. To make life easier, I shall share this information with you guys:

The Cirrus 2 (6.7cm) takes about an hour and a half to charge, will give you just shy of 300 puffs per fully charged battery, and is an inch shorter than their first C1 battery (which is not available on the website).

The Cirrus 3 battery (5.7cm) takes just an hour to charge, and is the smallest battery size White Cloud has to offer. It’s perfect for a little discreet smoking. You’ll get around 200 puffs per charge so you will need to remember to have three… otherwise one will be still charging when you have finished smoking the other one.

The Cirrus 3X battery (7.4cm) is the longest, and the longest lasting too. You’ll get around 600 puffs out of this large battery but it does take two hours to charge.

Obviously, the Cirrus 3X is the best that you can get your hands on and is perhaps best for the heavy smokers out there. I’m a “moderate” smoker (smoking around 20 per day) so I went for the Cirrus 2 variety. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, the Cirrus 3 isn’t a bad shot.


You want a cartridge that tastes like a “real” cigarette when you first make the leap from conventional cigarettes but after a while, you may be tempted to try a few of the flavors that White Cloud has to offer. There are the usual tobacco flavors:

  • Regular
  • Atlantic-Cut
  • Bora Bora
  • Apache

There’s a few menthol flavors to enjoy as well:

  • Menthol
  • Snap (chocolate and mint)
  • Iced Berry
  • Zero K (bold & cold!)

There are also a few fruity flavors if you like that kind of thing:

  • Bad Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Peach Pit
  • The Lime & The Coconut
  • Banana

What happened to the good old days when they just used to be named simply “mint” or “tobacco”… What’s with all these groovy names?

There are a few more favors that your taste buds might enjoy with the White Cloud e-cigarette too. These include delights such as:

  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Vanilla
  • Kick!
  • Cin
  • Clove

(Kick is apparently warm honey and sweet cinnamon… Just in case you were wondering!)

There are variable strengths available from White Cloud too – nicotine-free, ultra light strength, light strength, full strength, extra strength and double extra strength.

Even better news is that you can get a 50-cartridge pack for just shy of $90. I’ll have a look at compare cartridge prices soon.


One of the things we loved the most about White Cloud was the sheer amount of stuff they offer. At some point it does get annoying when there are so many choices yet all you want is a starter kit that gives you everything you need. Just look at the chargers that they offer – there’s the squid charger to juice up three batteries at once, the new ChargeBolt battery also looks impressive and reportedly charges your batteries quicker, and then there’s the generic wall adapters, USB chargers and car chargers. Accessories galore!

Looking around and you will see that it’s not just chargers they offer many varieties of. There are carrying cases, shotgun tips, disposable carry cases, disposable e-cigarettes, lanyards, clamshell cases, single cases, t-shirts and more… By anyone’s standards, this is a lot of accessories!


White Cloud even offer disposables for those that want to test the e-cig world out short term, or just for emergencies. You can get a pack of 100 Fling disposables for $325 and you can make you pick from an impressive range of flavors… More flavors than I’ve seen with other disposable manufacturers anyway.

If you don’t really have that kind of money to throw away, you could always just get a pack of 5 for $25, and you can order them in singles too. White Cloud’s disposables are certainly way better than what Njoy (a widely known, but low quality brand) produces.

Things I Loved

One of the very first things that caught my eye about White Cloud is how much variety they offer. It would appear that they have catered to every taste and requirement form the massive range of flavors, to the different battery options, multiple accessories choices and more.

The website is very easy to understand and they offer the type of things that you would expect these companies to offer (but many don’t) such as 30 day money back guarantee, fast shipping options, decent prices, and coupons to share with friends. In fact, we were quite impressed by how professional the manufacturer seems to be!

Things I Didn’t Love

The lack of a manually operated button option with the batteries didn’t put me off, but Pete is a big fan of the manual varieties and he was very disappointed that White Cloud didn’t offer this. This will be a personal preference thing but if you like a button, you won’t find it with White Cloud.

I didn’t like the fact that their warranty was only for 6 months but to be fair, at least they aren’t promising a “lifetime warranty” that they can’t deliver on like many of the others. They do offer the extended two-year warranty but, just like other e-cig companies out there, the warranty is voided if you refill the cartridges with your own liquid. This is something I like to do, as well as Pete, and this will be a personal preference thing for you.

In Conclusion

I liked White Cloud very much but I did have a few shipping problems to start with. The first time the kit was ordered, we never received it and it took a couple of weeks of badgering (and seemingly ignored emails) before we heard anything back. Eventually they sent me out a new starter kit which I got a few days later but that’s not the point; I hate waiting and I’m sure many of you guys do as well. Because of the delay and the problems I had with their customer services and the shipping situation, I am only going to award them 6th place in our Top Ten. It’s all very good and well having a great product, but you need the service to back it up in my opinion too!

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By John Edwards

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