My Story

Ecig ExpertHi there! My name is John and I am a 32-year old man that has been smoking since he was 15 years old. Eight years ago I made a very powerful decision… One that I didn’t realize would change the course of my life. Almost eight years ago to the very day (it was a belated New Year’s Resolution) I decided to quit smoking.

Quitting Smoking

Over the course of that eight years, I have tried pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to quitting smoking. I gave the patches a go for a while but those damn nicotine patches gave me the worst nightmares on occasions. I also kept forgetting to put them on a lot of the time, on top of finding that they didn’t seem to stick very well to my skin. Oh and to add to the mix, they irritated my skin, causing the area to become sore, itchy and somewhat inflamed.

I’ve also tried the nicotine gum. Wow this stuff not only tasted rank, you had to chew it in a rather odd way (you leave it between your teeth and your gum for the nicotine to be absorbed into your blood stream) and it gave me the worst hiccups I’ve ever experienced in my life. In no way am I exaggerating, I actually had hiccups for three and a half hours one afternoon whilst at work. It was ridiculous. I am a grown man and I was hiccuping and giggling like a teenager.

I’ve tried going cold turkey too. That lasted all of about four hours and then I stormed into my local grocery store and furiously ordered a carton of cigarettes.

Discovering E-Cigarettes

Electronic CigaretteIt was only when I happened to notice a stranger smoking what appeared to be a comedy cigarette at a taxi rank near to where I live that I first noticed electronic cigarettes. It looked cool and I’m a bit geeky so I searched out Google and typed in “replica cigarettes”. It would appear that I had delved into a brand new world… the world of electronic cigarettes.

Upon further investigation, I realized that not only was this stranger’s comedy cigarette an actual “thing”, it could help to save me money on top of potentially stopping me from getting cancer…. all the while still smoking.

In theory, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it? You are still smoking so technically you’ve not had to give anything up, and the nicotine is still getting into your body because the cartridges “the bits that look like filter) contain a healthy mix of vegetable oil and nicotine “stuff” that allows you to inhale the nicotine you do desperately need, without the increased risk of nasty diseases such as lung cancer.

It was at this point that my “obsession” began. It started with the wife. She jokingly called me the “ECig Expert” in front of a couple of male work colleagues that had already ribbed me for my “fake” cigarette and it seemed the name stuck. I don’t mind to be honest. I’ve been called worse names over the years!

It was when an IT-guy friend of mine (Peter) said to me “Hey, why don’t you share your knowledge of electronic cigarettes?” that this website of mine first began. I’ve used enough of the brands out there; I’m up to a count of 30 electronic cigarette brands minimum at this point (2014) There are so many benefits out there; so many things to know about this e-cig that’s been in the media a lot recently. I’ve tried and tested (and vetoed) most of the brands out there… Why don’t I educate people with the stuff I know so far?

Ecig Expert Website

Ecig Expert LogoSo here we are – this is my website. The “ECig Expert”’s website. What do you think? Pretty cool huh?

Going back to the serious stuff and what I aim to do here is to educate you on the things that you DON’T already know about electronic cigarettes. I’m going to try and find the best e-cigarette. I’m going to give honest reviews of e-cig brands that I’ve tried. I’m going to tell you about all the benefits I’ve found and all of the little tips and tricks and money-saving-smarts along the way. After all, that’s why you’re here right? To save money and to get a bit healthier? That’s why we’re all here!

From the worst e-cig I’ve tried (Njoy in case you were wondering) to the best (I’m still working that out but Green Smoke, EverSmoke and Vapor Zone are clear winners in my eyes so far), you’ll get the very honest truth about the electronic cigarettes that I’ve attempted the “quitting smoking” journey with. And just in case you are wondering – these electronic cigarettes DO work if you want to give up smoking. You do still need a little bit of will power and perhaps a bit of work to find the “right” e-cig for you, but it does work. Although I’ve had the odd periods of “re-smoking” since my journey first began, I’ve technically been smoke-free for about seven years in total. By that I mean that I smoked for a month or so at one point throughout those seven years, and there were a couple of times that I started smoking again for a week or so, but I consider myself to have been a non-smoker for about seven years. All because of these e-cigs that you’ve probably been seeing a lot of recently. Maybe it’s time for you to start thinking seriously about making that leap? It’s not the biggest leap in the world because technically, you’re still addicted to nicotine, but with the right guidance and information, you could find that you are weaning yourself off sooner than you first may have thought. You’ve got nothing to lose…. #JustSaying

By John Edwards